Tips To Make Your Yard Landscaping Attractive And Healthy

Tips To Make Your Yard Landscaping Attractive And Healthy

20 August 2018
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The exterior of your home and the condition of its landscaping can make your home either look great or less than desirable. Keeping up on the appearance of your lawn and yard can give you a pride of ownership and is a great way to enjoy the fresh air outside. Here are some methods you can implement and use in your landscaping maintenance to keep a great-looking, healthy lawn.

Plant and Keep a Healthy Lawn

Your yard's lawn provides oxygen in the air, reduces the air temperature above the lawn during summer, and gives you and your family a place to play and relax. If your yard does not contain any lawn or is full of weeds, you can hire a landscaper to install a lawn or plant one from grass seed yourself.

Before installing sod, your soil first needs to be tilled, free of weeds, and fertilized to allow the lawn to begin growing healthy. If you are laying the sod yourself, it is best to install it during cooler weather and not during the heat of summer, as this can stress the lawn and cause it to die. Also be sure you install the sod within a few days of receiving the rolls, as they can begin to die if they are not laid and given water soon.

Water and Mow Appropriately

It is important to have a reliable watering system to help your lawn thrive, such as an in-ground automatic sprinkler system. This is also the case if you are planting a lawn from rolled sod, loose seeds, or hydro-seed treatment. It is essential you keep the lawn or the seeds moist to promote germination and the lawn to take root, and a programmable watering system can deliver water to your lawn in a regular schedule. Water your lawn at night or early in the morning when the sun won't evaporate the moisture.

Mow your lawn on a weekly schedule to keep it trimmed in an even fashion. Keep in mind you don't want to cut your lawn too short, as this can put stress on the grass and promote weeds and disease. Most lawns should be mowed at a minimum height of three inches, so set your mower blade height appropriately.

Use Weed Prevention Strategies

Once you have your lawn growing well, you need to be diligent to keep weeds from taking over its growth. Weeds can choke out your lawn, take over the soil, and steal nutrients and water from your lawn.

Starting in early spring, apply a pre-emergent weed treatment to prevent weed seeds from growing. Then, later in the season, apply an herbicide to kill any existing weeds, or pull them by hand from moist soil.

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