Why You Need Sod Installation for Your Home Lawn

27 July 2021
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Have you ever wanted a thick, lush yard of uninterrupted grass in your front yard? If you have a neighbor who sports magical greenery and you think getting a beautiful green lawn is an elusive task, you should invest in sod installation as soon as you can afford it. If growing a fresh yard disappoints you, sod grass presents an instant solution that increases your curb appeal.  Ideally, sod installation is a straightforward undertaking, especially if you engage a professional landscaping or sod company. Read More …

5 Water Features To Add To Your Business Landscape

30 June 2021
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Do you want to add a water feature to your business's landscape? Water features can form an exquisite focal point for any commercial landscape — from a relaxing place for employees to take lunch to a welcoming front entrance. But what type of water feature should you install? Here are a few great choices and what they bring to the table.  1. Fountain A garden fountain is a classic, timeless water feature. Read More …

Cooking Out: Designing an Outdoor Kitchen That Works for Your Lifestyle

8 June 2021
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No longer does cooking out mean throwing some hotdogs and hamburgers on a small grill on the patio. Today's patios and backyards are equipped with full outdoor kitchens that take entertaining and everyday living to a whole new level. Determining which outdoor kitchen is right for your lifestyle is the first step to designing a great outdoor kitchen that works for you. Consider your space Be realistic about the amount of space you have to establish an outdoor kitchen. Read More …

Using Topsoil For Healthy Plant Growth

10 May 2021
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Planting flowers and other types of plants can bring out the beauty on the exterior of a house, which plays a role in its value as well. Unfortunately, growing healthy and beautiful plants is not a skill that every homeowner has, which often leads to unappealing results. It is actually wiser to have no plants at all on the exterior of a house rather than ones that are unhealthy and unappealing. Read More …

Five Things That Impact Tree Removal

6 April 2021
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The removal of a tree in the yard requires some forethought and planning. The following are the five main things that will impact the ease and methodology used to remove any tree on your property. 1. Size One of the first considerations is size. A small tree may be simple enough to bring down yourself with minimal risk, while a medium tree will require chainsaws and some skill. Large trees often require heavy equipment as well as trained professionals that can climb up in the tree and bring it down safely. Read More …