Want To Add Both Form And Function To Your Lawn? 3 Ways To Use Paving Stones In The Grass

Want To Add Both Form And Function To Your Lawn? 3 Ways To Use Paving Stones In The Grass

22 August 2018
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An unbroken expanse of lawn may look beautiful, but it's also difficult and expensive for many homeowners to maintain. It raises the water bill, requires regular care, and prevents the area from being used for other, more practical purposes.

But there is an easy solution that looks great while offering more usefulness: the humble paving stone. Here are a few ways to use paving stones within your own lawn for various effects.

Focal Point. A hardscape entertainment and relaxation area doesn't have to be stuck to the side of the house or limited to the shape of a patio. You can extend one right out into the lawn by laying paving blocks close together and using them to form a welcoming entrance and a "bubble" of hardscape right in the lawn. Match the shape to existing hardscape elements, such as by using a square or precise circle in formal areas, and tie it in with a nice, wide entrance. If this open entertainment area needs more protection, add a tree or two, a pergola, or even a fun gazebo. 

Walkways. Walkways are a very traditional use of paving stones, but that's for a good reason: they work well. Using pavers to form a walkway is easy, inexpensive, and durable. And you protect the rest of the lawn by guiding pedestrian and pet traffic better. As an investment, paving stone walkways are a win-win situation. Assess the traffic patterns around and over your lawn to determine where walkways would be useful. Be generous with your walkways, since paving stones have minimal visual impact. You can curve pavers around natural elements and give them any look that works with your yard.

Designs. If you want to reduce the amount of lawn — or eliminate it entirely — while still having a green look, try adding pavers into the grass itself in a fun design. Square blocks, for instance, placed about six inches apart, form a fun checkerboard shape with greenery filling the spaces between them. Lay the paving blocks into the soil deep enough that you can roll a lawn mower right over them. For even less maintenance, replace grass in between the blocks with a lush ground cover, such as dwarf mondo grass or moss. 

Paver blocks are a simple solution to many backyard challenges. From boosting the usefulness of your lawn to making it easier to maintain, they can even prove their worth right in the grassy expanse that you love. 

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