Basic Lawn Care Information For Homeowners

Basic Lawn Care Information For Homeowners

24 August 2018
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If you are wanting to keep your property looking its best, you will need to have a fairly strong understanding about lawn maintenance. Unfortunately, effectively caring for your grass will require you to do more than just water it. However, this does not have to be an overwhelming task as learning to address some routine lawn issues will help care for this part of your landscaping.

What Should You Do About Ponding Water On The Lawn?

Water ponding on the grass can present a number of problems for your property. In addition to potentially killing the grass where the water ponds, this issue could also lead to erosion, insect problems, and difficult-to-use areas. Improving the drainage of the soil will be essential for addressing areas that are particularly prone to this problem. This is done through adding gutters, drains, and any other upgrade that could carry the pooling water away from the lawn.

Why Do You Need To Aerate The Soil?

Aerating the soil during the spring months can be an excellent way of helping to encourage a healthy and thick lawn. Over time, the soil will become extremely compacted. This can inhibit the ability of the roots to grow and spread, which can directly limit the coverage and health of your lawn. A soil aerator will remove small plugs of soil, which will help to loosen it. By doing this work during the spring months, you can be sure that the soil will be loose enough to accommodate these roots when growing season returns.

Is It Normal For Disease To Spread Through Your Lawn?

There are many different diseases that lawns can suffer. Unfortunately, it is rare for these diseases to stay isolated. Rather, the interconnected root system of the lawn can make it remarkably easy for disease to spread. Once you notice a portion of your lawn becoming diseased or showing other signs of health problems, you should act quickly to eliminate the disease or correct the underlying problem. Otherwise, you may find that large sections of your lawn can quickly become impacted by these problems.

Does It Matter How Short You Cut Your Grass?

When mowing the grass, it is important to avoid cutting the blades too short. The grass relies on the blade for photosynthesis, and cutting it too short will deprive the grass of the energy that it needs to grow and thrive. Each species of grass will have its own ideal and minimum heights. Reviewing this information for your grass will allow you to avoid cutting it too short.

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