Spend Less Time On Maintenance And More Time On Enjoyment

Spend Less Time On Maintenance And More Time On Enjoyment

24 August 2018
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If you are frustrated with the laborious task of picking up branches and hickory nuts from your property, spend more time enjoying the land surrounding your home and less time cleaning up by hiring a landscaping maintenance crew. After you have addressed the issues that are bothering you with the crew and have grown accustomed to the new routine, your lawn problems will no longer exist.

Be Clear About Your Needs

Speak to the foreman of the maintenance company to address the nuisances associated with cleaning your yard. You may be advised to have the hickory trees inspected for damage so that broken limbs are removed. If you are interested in tree pruning, be clear about your desire to have only a specific amount of each tree branch removed.

The landscaping company may use a wire cage contraption or machinery that contains a bag to pick up all of the fallen hickory nuts. Find out if you are going to be charged a steeper rate for the initial appointment, since more yard work may need to be completed during this time.

After the initial appointment, followup appointments should cost relatively the same thing and you can request that the same maintenance instructions are followed each time. 

Be Available During The First Few Appointments

Be home and readily available to answer any questions that the foreman and crew members may have. By being present, you will also put any fears aside that you would have possibly encountered if you weren't at home and were wondering what the outcome of the maintenance appointment would be.

Don't avoid telling the foreman about any other landscaping procedures that you are interested in if you have made up your mind to have more complex work completed on your property. You might need to wait for some of the work to be completed on another day, but if any of the upgrades won't take long to complete, the foreman and crew may be able to perform the tasks during the same appointment.

If you are overall satisfied with the work that the landscaping crew completes, set up weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly appointments and continue to take the time to be home during each session. After you are used to the new maintenance schedule, there may be occasions when you need to handle other obligations during the time that you have scheduled for the crew to service your yard.

Let the foreman know that you have something important to handle and ask them if they would mind completing the maintenance job while you are away. If they don't mind, pay the foreman in advance or leave a check or cash for the owner of the business. Visit a lawn service such, as Quality Lawncare & Landscaping, for more information.