Why Your Neighbors Will Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Your Lawn Treatment

Why Your Neighbors Will Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Your Lawn Treatment

24 August 2018
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You've been talking to a professional landscaper, and you've finally decided to spring for a lawn treatment to get your yard ready for the spring and summer. One thing that could be lingering in your mind might be: "What will the neighbors think?" The truth is that they'll probably have a love-hate relationship with it. Here's why.

Why Your Neighbors Will Love it When You Have Your Lawn Treated

In part, your neighbors might be really happy after you have your lawn treated for these reasons:

They'll Be Able to Enjoy Your Pretty Lawn - You might find yourself admiring your next-door neighbor's rosebushes, and you might always drive a little more slowly past the house a few doors down so that you can take in the sight of their flower gardens. When your lawn is treated, your neighbors might enjoy a similar experience while looking at your yard, since your lawn treatment can help you achieve beautiful, green grass that you might have previously only seen in magazines or on TV.

Your Lawn Will Stop Negatively Impacting Their Own Yard - If your yard is filled with weeds, there's a good chance that some of those weeds have made their way over the property line. This is obviously an annoyance for your neighbors, particularly if they spend a lot of time taking care of their yards. A lawn that isn't properly cared for can also be home to various pests, which is obviously something else that can be an annoyance for the people who live around you.

Why Your Neighbors Might Hate it When You Have Your Lawn Treated

Of course, there are good and bad sides to just about anything related to your home and yard, especially when you have neighbors. Even though the reception that you get from your neighbors might be mostly positive after you have your lawn treated, there's probably one thing that they will not like about it:

It'll Make Their Yard Look Bad by Comparison - Being competitive is natural for many people. Even if you don't realize it, you might be involved in a competition with your neighbors right now for who has the most attractive and healthy yard. If you have your lawn treated, it might turn out looking so good that it makes your neighbors' lawns look bad by comparison. This could lead to an all-out war of lawn treatments and landscaping while your neighbors fight to regain the unofficial title of having the most beautiful yard. On the bright side, this can help beautify your neighborhood.