3 Ways To Use River Rock In Your Landscaping

3 Ways To Use River Rock In Your Landscaping

27 August 2018
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River rock is very beautiful, natural stones. It can be used in your landscaping to add color, variety, contrast, and texture to your yard. There are lots of ways that you can use river rock in your yard to improve its overall appearance.

#1 Get Rid of Mulch

Mulch can be great as a ground cover as it provides protection for tree roots and can really fill in a flower bed and make it pop. However, the downside to mulch is that it breaks down, which means that every year you end up investing in more mulch for your yard.

If you want a ground-cover option to go around your trees or in your flowerbeds and that is going to last, consider river rock. River rock does not break down in the same way that mulch does, and it can add some nice contrast to your foliage and some much-needed color and variety to your beds around your home.

Before you put down river rock around trees or flower beds, be sure to put a weed barrier in place. The weed barrier, combined with river rocks, should help keep weeds out of these areas of your yard.

#2 Create a Rock Garden

You can get some bigger river rocks and create a rock garden. With a rock garden, you need to place a few small boulders next to each other. Then, put smaller river rocks around the base of the larger rocks.

Then comes the gardening aspect. Plant low-lying flowers that like to climb around the rocks, such as ground orchids, portulaca, and cacti. This can help create a beautiful little rock garden where the rocks and the flowers work together to draw your attention to and add some variety to your garden.

#3 Outline Your Pond

If you have a pond, you can use rocks to outline it. You can put really small boulders around the pond to create a barrier around the pond. They can make a really nice border around a pond and help outline the pond and draw attention to it. Then, you can put river rocks around the small rocks to further highlight the pond and to create a walkway around the pond as well.

Rocks can be a great way to add some variety to your landscaping. You can use small river rocks in place of mulch around your trees and flowerbeds. You can put small boulders around a pond to create a border and then add smaller river rocks to create a path around the pond. Or, you can bring in a few larger boulders and plant some low-growing and crawling flowers around the boulders and fill in around the base with smaller rocks in order to create a beautiful feature in your yard.

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