Keep Your Yard Low Maintenance by Investing in a Sprinkler System Service

Keep Your Yard Low Maintenance by Investing in a Sprinkler System Service

5 September 2018
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After installing a sprinkler system that handles the watering for your landscape, you may look forward to the time savings. While you will still need to mow the lawn, remove debris, and trim trees, not having to do any manual watering can save you a lot of time throughout the years.

If you want to maintain the low maintenance aspect of your yard, you cannot leave the sprinkler system alone for years and hope that it will always work properly. Investing in a sprinkler system service is an essential step in making sure that it provides your landscape with proper watering.

Adjust the Watering

Although you may get rain throughout the year, you may have the sprinkler system installed during the rainiest season. This means that the landscape professionals may set up the sprinkler system to provide minimal watering because the rainfall will feed your plants all season long.

Once this season comes to an end and the rainfall starts declining, you will need to adjust the sprinkler system to increase the watering. Getting professional service means that a professional will inspect your yard and determine what setting they need to put the sprinkler system on. These changes are something that you will need to do several times every year for optimal watering.

Inspect for Leaks

If you do not spend much time in your backyard, you may not notice if there are any leaks with the sprinkler system. Also, some leaks can happen beneath the surface, which makes them even more difficult to notice for a person who is not experienced with sprinkler systems. A leak may prevent certain areas of the yard from getting enough water due to a lack of water flow.

Add to the System

Since you installed the sprinkler system, you may have added to the plants in your landscape. This means that you may be doing manual watering when the system does not reach. If you want to eliminate the need to manually water these plants, you need to add to the sprinkler system.

Having a system already installed means that the foundation will already be there. Professionals who work on sprinkler systems can take your existing setup and put in additional sprinklers.

When you are determined to keep your yard as low maintenance as possible, you need to keep up with sprinkler system service throughout the year to handle any additions, changes, and repairs. Professional services such as Wagner SOD Company will be able to help you get started.