Bought A Dilapidated Commercial Building To Save Money? 2 Tips To Get The Exterior Looking Great

Bought A Dilapidated Commercial Building To Save Money? 2 Tips To Get The Exterior Looking Great

6 September 2018
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Commercial buildings can be very expensive and one way to save money is to purchase an older building. This is even true if the building needs some repairs. If you choose to buy a building like this, you should start on the exterior to make things look great. This way customers will have a great first impression of your company. Below are two tips on what you can do to help you get started.


If the grass is overgrown, the bushes are overgrown, and there is no kind of landscaping, you should hire a commercial landscape contractor like Bill and Dave's Landscape to help you.

The landscape contractor will start out getting things cleaned up so they can start with a clean slate. They will do this by first removing any kind of debris, such as sticks, rocks, trash, etc., from the lawn, and then mow and trim everything. The landscaper will trim the bushes until they are uniform in size and will likely put mulch around the bushes to make them look neat and tidy.

The commercial landscape contractor may choose to plant flowers in front of the building to brighten things up. Some common flowers you will see at commercial buildings include daylilies, petunias, hostas, and more.

Hardscaping is another option for your land. This is using hard materials, like stone, brick, concrete, etc., to add to the landscaping. A stone pathway leading to the front door, a statue, a bench sitting next to a waterfall, and a retaining wall are just some of the hardscaping options.


Once the landscaping is finished, you need to look at the building itself, as it likely needs a new coat of paint. Hire a commercial painter to do this job for you so everything will look professional when they are finished.

Choose a color like tan, brown, white, etc., if you want your building to blend in. Also, consider the landscaping around you when considering the color. You can choose a brighter color to help your building stand out from the other buildings around you. This will depend on the type of business you have. For example, a more standard color would work well if you have a professional business, such as a law firm, advertising agency, etc. A brighter color would work best if you have some type of children's entertaining company, a retail store with fun clothing, etc.

The contractor can help you choose a color for your commercial building.

Talk with these two professionals if you have more questions.