4 Tips To Create Attractive And Energy-Efficient Landscape Lighting Designs

4 Tips To Create Attractive And Energy-Efficient Landscape Lighting Designs

7 September 2018
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Landscape lighting provides you with an outdoor light that is attractive and practical. When you are planning landscape lighting designs, you want two things; the lighting should be attractive, as well as energy-efficient. Today, there are solutions with LED lights that are low-voltage and can be solar power to make landscape lighting energy-efficient. Here are some tips to create attractive landscaping lighting designs that are attractive, practical, and energy-efficient.

1. Choices of Low-Voltage Lighting for Your Landscaping

There are a couple of choices of low voltage landscaping lighting. For more light, you may want to consider different options of compact fluorescent bulbs. If you were looking for a more energy-efficient solution for your landscaping lighting, then LED technology is the best choice for landscape lighting designs.

2. Powering Your Landscape Lighting with Green Renewable Energy

When it comes to covering your landscaping lighting color you have the choice of low voltage DC lighting that requires transformers. This type of insulation is also good for LED lighting this power with solar panels for green renewable energy solutions. Today, a small solar panel will provide enough energy to power the lighting in your landscaping and can be hidden in features like rocks or located in an inconspicuous area.

3. Proper Spacing of Landscape Lighting for Better Design and Attractive Appearance

It is also important to have the proper spacing of a landscaping lighting. It is a good idea to have right located an average of two yards apart. If you want an area to have more light, then you may want to have the lights located closer together or use brighter lights for your landscaping design.

4. Different Styles of Lights to Use in Landscape Lighting Designs

There are many different choices of styles of light that can be used for landscape lighting designs. The lights can be spotlights that help create shadows in backlighting for plants in the Latin scaping. There are also options for lives that help illuminate paths to entrances of your home and other areas and your landscaping design. Try to use one style of light for these different purposes is to create a more uniform landscaping lighting design that is attractive and efficient.

These are some tips to create landscape lighting designs that are attractive, practical and energy-efficient. If you are ready to add practical lighting outside of your home, contact your local landscape lighting services and talk to them about some of these ideas.