Why Soil Erosion Control Is Important For Your Home

Why Soil Erosion Control Is Important For Your Home

9 September 2018
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Your landscape is one of the most beautiful exterior parts of your property. You take pride in your home's curb appeal and the gorgeous foliage you have surrounding your home's foundation. But it can be threatened by soil erosion. Soil erosion is when water runoff begins to destroy your landscape, allowing soil to break up and wash away from your property. Soil erosion is bad for your landscape and your home's foundation. Discover why soil erosion control is important for your home and what you can do to protect your property.

Soil erosion destroys flower beds

Too much water runoff from your rain gutters or from a on-sloped yard where water cannot escape can wash out flower beds. Rock gardens are also affected, as the water running away from your property can disturb these finely decorated beds.

If you have fresh grass seed or newly planted shrubs and trees on your landscape, it's important to keep soil erosion under control. You can do this by placing rock or gravel barriers around your existing and new foliage and by installing rock gardens to help manage and control water runoff.

Soil erosion causes property damage

Perhaps the biggest risk of soil erosion to your property is this: soil erosion can cause foundation and property issues that are expensive to repair. When you have nowhere for water to escape your foundation, either because you have overly saturated soil or your home is planted on a non-sloping landscape, water will seep up through the soil and can creep into your home.

Your home is especially at risk if you have a basement where moisture can escape to or if you have a lackluster gutter system in the home. Consider upgrading your home's gutter system and placing a sump pump in your basement to help manage soil erosion and keep your property safe.

Soil erosion makes an uneven landscape

Soil erosion causes your once-even landscape to become bumpy and disheveled, which can take away from the grand appearance of your yard. You want your yard to be beautiful all the time, so consider having your yard graded to create a nice slope where moisture can run off your property easily. You can also hire a contractor to put in a retaining wall on your land so you add not only dimension and structural beauty to your yard, you keep soil erosion at bay as well. Speak to a landscaper about all the ways you can manage soil erosion on your property.

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