Insight To Help You Remedy And Eliminate A Tree Health Problem In Your Yard

Insight To Help You Remedy And Eliminate A Tree Health Problem In Your Yard

10 September 2018
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The trees growing in your yard add to your home's beauty and landscaping and are an important part of the environment around you. Trees take many years to grow to a mature height, so you don't just want to cut down a tree that is suffering in its health, especially when it is a problem that can be remedied. Here are some tips to help you deal with diagnosing your tree's problem and handling its removal if necessary.

Hire a Tree Specialist

When a tree in your yard is showing signs of disease or illness, you may want to try to save the tree, especially if it is of a good variety and not posing any threats to nearby structures. If a tree is too close to your home foundation, for example, it may be best to remove it to prevent damage to your foundation. Talk to an arborist about the problems a tree is experiencing in your yard to see if they can treat the tree to boost its health.

It is a good idea to call in a professional to check your tree's health if, for example, your tree has fungi or mushrooms growing from your tree, if a large limb breaks off during a storm, or if the trunk has a crack in its bark. These can be indications your tree is experiencing health issues and needs a specific treatment. A tree arborist can determine if your tree has an infection or a disease or if insects are attacking it and can treat your tree to heal it when possible.

Remove the Tree

If a tree in your yard has been inspected by an arborist and they recommend to remove it, it is best to follow their trained expert advice. They can handle this for you to safely remove the tree and its limbs, which is a good choice, especially if the tree is large with many heavy branches. Keep in mind that even a small tree can carry an excess amount of weight, and if you were to try and cut the tree down yourself it may cause damage to nearby structures or even harm or kill you or someone nearby. A safe tree removal by a trained professional is always the way to go to remove a tree in your yard.

Treat the Stump

Once the tree has been cut down and removed, you will be left with a tree stump in the ground. You can leave the stump there, but you will want to make sure it is dead and does not regrow, which can occur.

Cut the stump down to the ground level, and drill holes into the stump with a wide-bit drill tip as deeply as you can. Pour Epsom salt into the holes and fill them with water, refilling the holes every few weeks until the stump begins to decay. This safe treatment will not place any harmful chemicals in your yard while you get rid of the stump.