Minimize Backyard Upkeep By Employing Landscaping Professionals

Minimize Backyard Upkeep By Employing Landscaping Professionals

10 September 2018
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Buying a single-family home means that you will have an entire landscape that needs to be maintained, whereas your old condo or townhome only had a small yard or none. Even though you're glad to own a house, you may not want all the upkeep that comes with a yard.

While you can remove all the plants and fill the entire landscape with gravel, sand, dirt, or rocks to eliminate upkeep, this is rarely the right aesthetic choice. Instead, you can hire a landscaping company to help with minimizing maintenance.

Plant Selection

One of the most important decisions that you need to make to keep upkeep requirements down is picking the right plants and trees for the yard. For instance, you should avoid non-native plants because they will have the toughest time adjusting to your climate, especially when you do not want to put extra time and effort into making sure they stay healthy in your yard. A landscaping company can make all sorts of suggestions of native plants that will do well in your yard.

Another detail to consider is the amount of debris that a plant will create. You should consider avoiding all the messiest plants because they will require you to spend extra time cleaning.


In a perfect scenario, you may have a yard that is equipped to provide certain plants and trees with everything they need to thrive on their own. But most climates have varying weather and temperatures throughout the year, which leads to most plants needing help at certain times.

For instance, you may not get much rain during winter, but this does not mean that your plants can go without water for several months and look great going into springtime. Installing an irrigation system will make up for less precipitous months as well as seasonal droughts.


While grass is somewhat easy to maintain, you may like the idea of adding mulch beds throughout the landscape to reduce how much grass you must maintain. You can have landscapers pick a low-maintenance mulch that you do not need to worry about checking on regularly.


Although all your planned new plants and trees may not require much upkeep, some of your existing plants may have considerable demands. This is when you should not hesitate to have professionals remove these plants and replace them with the native ones you have decided on.

Hiring a landscaping company is a smart choice when you are looking to minimize yard upkeep. For more information contact companies like   C  & J Landscaping.