How To Help A Young Tree Survive

How To Help A Young Tree Survive

12 September 2018
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You can't simply plant a tree and leave it alone. The first five years for a tree are critical and if you do not take proper care of a young tree, you'll likely need tree removal services.

Clean Around the Tree

Make sure to clean around the young tree routinely. Remove all of the sticks, leaves, and fallen fruit. Doing so will make it easier to inspect the tree to make sure that it does not have any health problems. If you notice anything strange about the tree, make sure to contact a certified arborist to make sure that the tree has no health problems or pests. Some health problems can be so severe that they can require a tree removal.

Water It Adequately

Young trees need to be watered more than you might think. Deep water encourages the growth of deep roots. Pay close attention to the tree for signs of drought stress. You might notice leaves browning or curling around the edges. 

Kill Weeds

In the early stages, a young tree will compete closely with weeds for nutrients. For that reason, it's very important to remove and kill weeds wherever you can. Make sure that the base of the tree is free from grass and other plants.

Trim Branches

During the winter, consider hiring tree trimming services to make sure that your tree's branches are under control. You want to improve the structural integrity of your tree and control how it grows. However, you do not want to prune your tree when it is too stressed. The only exception is with dead or sick branches. Removing these will direct resources away from these branches and to other parts of the tree.

Removing tree branches can help you control the shape of the tree and can also help you remove branches that might be a threat to the stability of the tree in the future. If a tree branch causes a tree to become unbalanced, it may be more likely to fall over during a storm. This not only causes the tree to be a hazard, but also causes you to lose the tree.

If you take good care of your tree, and if you select the right species for your property, your tree may be live long enough to be passed down to a future generation. However, if your tree becomes unhealthy, you may need to contact tree removal services.