Maintaining The Southern Red Oak Tree

Maintaining The Southern Red Oak Tree

12 September 2018
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For color, height, and shade, the southern red oak is one of the best trees you can add to your landscape design. This large tree grows fast, reaching heights of 80 feet with spreads of up to 80 feet, making a large statement in your yard. Proper planting is key to making sure this oak tree grows in a healthy and appealing manner, but maintenance is also important. This guide will help you maintain your southern red oak tree to ensure it is attractive, healthy, and valuable.


Make sure to water your tree thoroughly after planting. In the early stages, the southern red oak needs to stay moist so the roots will establish themselves. Once established, the tree can withstand short periods of drought.

When watering, soak the base of the tree well. It is helpful to surround the tree base with pine straw or mulch. This straw and mulch will add a decorative touch, but it also helps the tree stay moist through periods of drought.


Pruning helps improve the look of your southern red oak tree, but it also keeps it healthy and free of disease.

Avoid pruning during the main growing season. The late winter is the best time for pruning because the oak tree is dormant.

Be sure the shears are sharp and clean. This will ensure the tree is trimmed in a clean, neat manner without the risk of spreading fungal disease.

Trim off any branches and foliage that are discolored or starting to decay. Also, trim off branches in the center that are connecting or rubbing on one another in the center of the tree. Haphazard touching branches in the center of the tree reduce air circulation, keeping the tree very moist, which can lead to fungal growth and disease.

If you need help pruning your tree, contact a tree trimming service like Treetime Inc.


Oak trees are very durable and easy to grow, but fertilizer can help strengthen their roots and limbs, improving their overall look and health.

The early part of spring is the best time to apply fertilizer since this is when the tree first begins to sprout foliage and growth.

Make sure the fertilizer contains nitrogen, which is key to strengthening the tree from the inside out. Use a rotary spreader to apply the slow-release fertilizer to the soil under and around your southern red oak tree.

With proper planting and care, the southern red oak tree can be a valuable investment to your home.