Tips To Help Your Lawn Be Healthy and Grow Evenly

Tips To Help Your Lawn Be Healthy and Grow Evenly

12 September 2018
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Your front lawn is one of the first things people notice about your home. When your grass is suffering or looking unkempt, it can make your entire yard and home look shabby. Because your lawn can cover so much surface space in your front yard and is made up of live, growing plants, you need to make sure it receives the right care and nutrients to help it establish itself well and look great. Here are some tips to help you care for your lawn and make it the crowning glory of your front yard's landscaping.

Investigate Dead Spots

An area of dead or dying grass or a lack of grass can indicate a problem with your lawn and often a problem in the soil. When your lawn begins to die, wilt, or turn brown and you have been watering it regularly to keep up with the summer heat, you might have a problem with insects or a disease in your lawn.

Get a close-up inspection of the diseased parts of your lawn, but not the areas already dead. Look for any extra insect activity in the blades, or use a garden spade to check below the roots. Or look for any signs of mold or powdery fungus on the lawn blades that are actively dying to find out what is causing the problem. Once you have an idea of what is causing the problem, treat it with an appropriate insecticide or herbicide, or talk to a local garden center to find out specific recommendations. You can also hire a landscape and lawn care professional to help you remedy the problem.

An area of your lawn that is void of growth may indicate a problem in the soil. Try digging below the soil to see if there are any foreign materials that may prevent lawn growth, such as concrete, landscaping fabric, or other debris. Your soil may also have the wrong pH balance and need specific nutrients added to boost your its growth. Talk to a lawn professional about treating this condition.

Water Deeply

Along with treating your lawn for any insects, disease, or soil problems, you will need to provide your lawn with sufficient water to keep it healthy and promote strong root growth. Rather than watering daily, you should water your lawn less frequently for longer durations (two times per week, for example). This puts water deep into the soil and encourages your lawn's roots to grow deeply, boosting your lawn's health and helping it fight off disease. For more information and help with your lawn, contact companies like Pattie Group, Inc.