Yard Landscaping Tips To Keep Your Investment Looking Great

Yard Landscaping Tips To Keep Your Investment Looking Great

18 September 2018
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When you are involved with landscaping your yard to add vegetation bedding areas, lawn grass, and various types of hard-scaping, you want to make sure all the time money you put into the project ensures it will retain its appearance with regular maintenance. Here are some tips to help you install and keep your yard and landscaped areas looking tidy and attractive.

Use Effective Landscape Edging Material

In your front and back yards around your home, it is common to install various types of landscaped areas, including soft and hard-scaping to give your home's exterior an attractive and diversified look. To keep the areas separate and the material and vegetation in place, you will likely want to install an edging material made from vinyl, rock, metal, or concrete. The barrier you choose to install can either be a decorative barrier or an inconspicuous barrier that you may not even notice but will keep your errant yard features in their place.

An effective landscape edging material or barrier is installed to keep, for example, your lawn from growing into your flower beds and shrubbery, or into your gravel or mulch-covered space. Most types of lawn grass used in yard landscaping are an aggressive type of vegetation, and they will begin to grow outward and expand into surrounding soil.

Installing a deep-set type of edging, such as concrete curbing or vinyl edging are your best options to prevent the lawn from growing under or between the edges of pieced-in edging material, such as bricks and stones. You can hire a landscaper to install seamless concrete curbing around your yard's landscaped areas to give your yard an attractive, low-maintenance, and durable edging material.

Install Water-Saving Irrigation Systems

Another way to ensure your landscaping retains its appearance, especially with your landscaping vegetation remaining healthy and alive, is to install an automatic water-saving irrigation system. Installing landscaping without an effective irrigation system will put your vegetation at risk of heat stress and death. Installing your landscape watering on an automatic timer will keep your yard watered even when you are not at home.

For your landscaped areas, installing a drip irrigation system, which delivers directly to the roots of each plant, will keep them lush and healthy and help you save water. A drip irrigation system uses much less water than a traditional system that can lose water to runoff and wind.

You can install water-saving sprinklers throughout your lawn to keep it watered on a regular basis. Keep in mind that less frequent and longer watering durations can boost your lawn's health versus watering every day for short periods. For more information, contact your local landscape contractors.