Caring For The Shrubs On Your Property

Caring For The Shrubs On Your Property

21 September 2018
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The shrubs on your property can be some of the most defining features of your landscaping. However, homeowners will frequently struggle with caring for these plants, which can compromise their appearance and health.

Measure The Nutrient Concentrations Of The Soil

Ensuring that your shrubs have all of the nutrients that they need is among the most important thing that you can do for their long-term health. Over time, the shrub will deplete the nutrients in the soil, and this can cause it to experience growth problems. Regularly checking the nutrients in the soil around the plant will allow you to know whether there are any deficiencies present and the severity of these deficiencies. Adding fertilizer without performing this type of basic test can put your plant at risk as it can be easy to burn the roots of the plant with improper fertilizer usage.

Use Mulch Around The Base Of The Shrubs

Placing a layer of mulch around the base of your shrubs can provide several important health benefits to the plant. One of the most immediate will be with helping the soil around the shrub to retain moisture. This can be especially valuable for those living in climates that can be prone to suffering from long dry periods. Another benefit of using mulch is that it can return nutrients to the soil when the wood chips start decomposing.

Inspect The Leaves And Stems For Signs Of Pests

There are a number of insects that will target shrubs. Unfortunately, homeowners may underestimate the damage that these pests can do to their plants. For example, a handful of caterpillars could easily devastate the appearance and growth of your shrub by eating many of the leaves. Every few weeks during the spring and summer, the shrubs should be thoroughly evaluated to make sure that they are free of potentially damaging pests. If you find pests on your shrub, you should immediately start a treatment routine to eliminate them before they can damage the plant.

Consider Pruning The Shrubs

Pruning can help to improve the overall health of your shrub by removing any sick branches. This will prevent the disease from spreading while also making it possible for the plant to more effectively direct its resources to the healthy parts of the plant. When pruning, it is important to avoid doing this during the height of the growing season as this could impact the plant's ability to store enough nutrients for the winter.

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