Selling Your Home This Fall? 3 Tips To Enhance The Landscaping So It Will Sell Faster

Selling Your Home This Fall? 3 Tips To Enhance The Landscaping So It Will Sell Faster

23 September 2018
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If you are planning on selling your home this fall, you have to ensure everything looks great for potential buyers. One thing to consider is the landscaping. Even though it is fall and many flowers are fading there are still many things you can do to make your landscaping look much better. Below are three tips to help you get started so you can get your home on the market.

1. Trim or Plant Bushes

If you have bushes in the front of the home, make sure they are all uniform in size. If they are not, this makes the bushes look messy, which can affect the way your landscaping looks.

If the bushes are not in good shape, such as if they are starting to die, you should replace them. There are flowering bushes that you could put in their place. For example, a row of rose bushes looks beautiful, and roses generally grow well. You can keep the rose bushes uniform in size. The butterfly bush produces beautiful orange flowers, which would work well planted in front of a home.

2. Plant Flowers

Flowers can make a yard look great and there are many flowers that you can plant in the fall. Mums are popular during the fall months and you can find them just about anywhere in pots. You can set the pots on the front porch. You can find mums in oranges, reds, and purples. You can also plant the mums in the ground, if you prefer.

If you keep the mums in the flower pots, make sure you keep them watered well. Water evaporates much faster in a flower pot than when in the ground. Because of this if you do not keep the plants moist they will quickly dry out and die.  Stick your finger into the soil and if the first inch of soil is dry give the mums some water until the soil feels moist. Other flowers that you can plant in the fall include marigold, celosia, viola, ornamental pepper, and zinnia.

3. Add Fall Decorations

Because it is fall you can enhance your landscaping even more by adding some fall decorations to your yard. For example, put pumpkins on your front porch along with the mums. If you have a large front porch put pumpkins on chairs or put hay bales on the porch and set mums and pumpkins on the hay bales. Add a fall wreath to the front door also. Make sure you keep your yard free of leaves and other debris, however. When you mow remove grass clippings. If you do not, the leaves, grass and debris can take away from your fall decorations.

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