Are You Planning Next Spring's Landscaping?

Are You Planning Next Spring's Landscaping?

26 September 2018
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Are you already planning your landscaping for 2019? If so, that must mean that you are an avid gardener. From including a swimming pool to contacting a fence contractor, here are some ideas that might help you plan a gorgeous back yard. 

​A Swimming Pool - How large is your back yard? Is there enough space to have a large swimming pool? If not, perhaps you want one badly enough that you are willing to give up things like your rose garden or your bedding area in order to install at least a small or medium sized pool. The pool contractor you select will be able to design a pool that will be perfect for your back yard area. For example, rather than having a regular rectangular pool, the contractor might take into consideration the layout of your back yard and suggest something like a kidney shaped pool or a small one. Consider the landscaping that you will include in the pool design. For instance, do you want a waterfall in the pool landscape? Perhaps you have seen swimming pools that have large rocks as the focal point. If so, consider selecting at least some flat-topped rocks that can hold pots with plants in them.

A Surrounding Fence - If you do select a swimming pool as part of your back yard landscaping, are you going to want a fence around it? If you have your own children or grandchildren, or even if you'll be having your friend's kids at your home, you have probably already thought of the fact that you'll want a fence around the pool so that little ones won't inadvertently enter the pool, thus causing a horrible tragedy. Selecting the right fence to surround your swimming pool can actually enhance the beauty of your landscaping. For example, select a wrought-iron fence that has an intricate design, one that might even have something like birds or butterflies as part of the design. If you want a traditional wrought iron fence for your swimming pool area, select dark green or black for the fence color. For something more dramatic, consider choosing something like turquoise or yellow for the color of the paint for your wrought iron fence. Choose a pretty gate for the fence, too. The fence contractor will help you select an attractive one that also has a good mechanism on it that will keep little kids out of harm's way.

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