Why Hydroseeding Is Perfect When You're Planting Grass At Your Newly Constructed Home

Why Hydroseeding Is Perfect When You're Planting Grass At Your Newly Constructed Home

27 September 2018
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There are so many things to love about buying a new construction home, but there is one thing that you might not like very much: dealing with a bare lawn. Since your new property might have been a construction site for the last several months, there's a good chance that you don't have much to work with when it comes to your lawn. Not only do you probably not have any flowerbeds, shrubs, or trees to enjoy, but your property might not even have any grass. You're probably hoping to do something about that as soon as you can, but don't start tossing out dry grass seeds just yet. Instead, consider a process that is known as hydroseeding, which involves mixing the seed into a slurry with mulch and then spreading it out. It's perfect for new construction properties for these reasons.

It Grows More Quickly

For one thing, if you don't have any grass on your property at all, getting the grass started quickly might be a top priority. After all, you might not be able to thoroughly enjoy your new home until the grass is growing and the yard looks better. Hydroseeding is a good way to get the grass growing faster so that you can turn your new house and property into a home a little more quickly.

It Looks Better

Dry seeds that are spread out on bare dirt aren't exactly attractive, even if they're put there for a good reason. Many people find that the slurry that is used with hydroseeding is a bit more attractive when it's spread out, so you don't have to worry about your yard looking ugly while you're waiting for the grass to grow.

It's More Likely to Grow

Sometimes grass just doesn't grow well. This can be an annoyance if you're trying to fill in bare spots in an otherwise nice, green lawn, but it can be even more of a problem if you barely have any grass at all. Hydroseeding is a more effective way of planting grass, though, so you can increase the chances of your grass growing well by using this method.

It Helps with Erosion Control

On your new property, you might not know about whether or not you have erosion control issues to deal with. Since they can be so problematic, though, you probably want to prevent them if possible. Hydroseeding is a great method of erosion control, so you can start out without having to worry about erosion control problems on your new property.

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