5 Great Ideas For A Backyard Patio Installation Project

5 Great Ideas For A Backyard Patio Installation Project

14 November 2018
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Bringing in a backyard patio installation services team is an exciting time, but you should also try to have a vision in mind for what will be created. Before your project gets going, take a look at these 5 ideas that might help you get a little more out of your shiny new patio.

Paver Banding

The idea behind paver banding is to use a solid block of pavers contrasted against lighter or darker ones to accentuate the shape of a patio. This can be as simple as creating an outline at the edge of your patio or as complex as forming shapes in the middle. If you have an extra curvy space, paver banding can highlight the curves and give your new backyard patio installation an added level of visual interest.

Contrasting Materials

Another way to accentuate the form of a patio is to use contrasting materials, especially pavers and bricks. In fact, there's nothing that prevents you from integrating them in bands, too. You also can utilize this approve to assimilate a necessary feature, such as a retaining wall that holds a hillside patio in place, into the larger design.

Accent Colors

Rather than relying on boring gray pavers to make your patio happen, using accent colors can give a space a real pop. You might have a central area on a large patio where you intend to add a table and chairs for dining, and the right accent colors in that spot can draw the eye in.

Textured and Patterned Designs

Few things can distinguish your patio from others like the right textures and patterns. If you're going for a courtyard look, a herringbone pattern made with red bricks can be exciting. Alternating small and large squares can also create a staggered design, an especially clever way to keep a relatively boring space, such as a square patio, from becoming too dull. Stone textures can add an earthiness to a location, too.


We often think of a patio as something that takes an inside style outside, but a good backyard patio installation can bring the indoors and outdoors together. Large pots can be used in the middle of the patio to house plants, and you can also add landscaping at the edge of the patio. If you'd like to give back to the environment, looking up indigenous plants that have been displaced may serve as inspiration.