What You Should Know About Hydroseeding Your Lawn

What You Should Know About Hydroseeding Your Lawn

1 June 2019
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When it comes to putting in a lawn at your house or revamping one that has seen better days, you may be considering your options as far as how to get the lawn you have been dreaming of. One of the options available to you is known as hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is quite a bit different from laying sod or going about seeding a lawn in a traditional manner. Get to know some of the facts about hydroseeding as well as the benefits it offers for you and your home. Then, you can decide if this is an option that is best for you. 

It is Fast

One of the biggest benefits of hydroseeding over other lawn options is that it is a relatively fast process. In just around five to seven days, you will have grass already growing in your lawn; in a few short months, you can have a full, lush lawn to enjoy. This is faster than sod, which was previously the top option for fast lawn growth. 

It Is Non-Toxic

Another major benefit of hydroseeding is that it is a non-toxic option for growing a lawn. The mixture that is sprayed on the ground combines mulch, fertilizer, water, and of course, seed. This mixture contains no pesticides or chemicals that would be problematic for you, your children, or your pets. 

It Can Help with Erosion Issues

If you have erosion problems in your yard because of sloping, being on a hill, or from other issues, you may be looking for solutions. Lawns planted using hydroseeding quickly fill in, preventing soil from shifting and giving the earth more stability. 

It Can Be Done Virtually Any Time of Year

While traditional grass planting is usually limited in terms of the time period in which you can plant, you can virtually plant grass via hydroseeding any time of the year. One thing to keep in mind is that when it is extremely cold or extremely hot, the grass may take a few days longer to grow in than the standard 5- to 7-day window. Additionally, you will not want to plant if there is snow covering the ground, but otherwise you are in the clear to plant anytime. 

It Is Ideal for Large Lawns

If you have a large lawn or several acres of land that you are looking to seed, then hydroseeding is the option for you. It is ideal for large spaces because it takes virtually no time to spray the seed mixture on the ground when compared to planting the old-fashioned way or even using sod. This process is also especially cost effective for larger spaces. 

Now that you know some of the facts about hydroseeding and its benefits, you can decide if this is the right option for you. For more information, you can contact companies like Hydrograss Technologies.