Have A Mature Tree? Decorate Its Base With The Right Elements

Have A Mature Tree? Decorate Its Base With The Right Elements

6 September 2019
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Trees add much to any landscape. But the area directly below them can become barren and unattractive if not managed properly. If you want to improve the space at the base of your tree, then, how can you ensure that it thrives and blossoms? Here are a few tips to follow.

1. Don't Overdo Soil at the Base. If you want to plant flowers around the tree, don't make the mistake of simply piling on a thick layer of extra soil to build up a flower bed. All that added mass and water retention can cause rot issues in the tree's roots. Instead, move the flower bed out a foot or two away from the trunk to allow breathing space.

2. Choose Plants Carefully. Not all shrubs and flowers can thrive in the shadow of a large tree. So, before you buy and place any greenery, learn which types of sunlight and water levels each plant needs. Then, observe the shading under this particular tree to see how much shade it actually offers. Thin canopies or immature trees might provide more sun than you think, while denser canopies or different positioning may leave plants in total shade. 

3. Use Mulch Wisely. Another common way to decorate around a tree base is to throw down a bunch of mulch to make it more attractive and retain water. But be careful when using mulch around tree roots. Keep the mulch away from the immediate base of the tree. But do use mulch around individual new plants and bushes. Why? Mulch will help them keep water where they need it rather than letting it all drain down into the ground to nourish the tree instead.

4. Add Hardscape. If you have trouble getting a beautiful garden to grow and flourish at a tree's base, use hardscape strategically instead. Hardscape — such as stones, benches or chairs, pea gravel, or wooden art — offer the advantage of being very low maintenance and available in whatever style will enhance your landscape. Even a combination of hardscape features and a few plants will offer a pretty setting while reducing your workload and watering needs.  

By understanding the unique needs of the landscape right at the base of a mature tree, you can design a spot that will be low-maintenance and still look great throughout the year. Still unsure how best to work with your particular tree? Contact experienced landscaping services like Estate Landscape today.