Tips To Improve The Appearance And Condition Of Your Landscaping With Mulch And Gravel

Tips To Improve The Appearance And Condition Of Your Landscaping With Mulch And Gravel

19 October 2019
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The appearance of your property's yard is made up of trees, shrubbery, flowers, and lawn. And surrounding your landscaped areas may be mulch covering or ornamental gravel. However, to keep the mulch and gravel looking nice and providing the best benefit, you need to keep up on their maintenance and put in the effort and investment to reap the fullest benefits. Here are some recommendations to make the most out of your landscaping with attractive use of mulch and gravel.

Add Bedding Mulch Covering

The appearance and condition of your landscaping beds can depend upon the covering over the surface of the soil and around your landscaping plants. If, for example, your plants are set into hard, sun-scorched dirt, it can affect the health of your plants and the attractiveness of your landscaping. Infertile soil in your landscaping areas will not improve unless you take action to boost its health. 

First, apply a mulch covering to seal the moisture into the soil. A layer of mulch provides a barrier between the soil and the sun to prevent moisture loss during the day. And mulch made of wood chips or bark will slowly decompose over the surface of the soil and release nutrients back into the soil from the decomposition. Mulch also protects the soil from weed growth and keeps the soil soft.

Be sure you replenish the mulch with supplemental materials each year or as needed. When you order it in bulk, you can keep extra mulch on hand and also benefit from the delivery of your mulch product. Contact a local supplier to learn more about bulk mulch pallets delivery

Apply and Maintain Gravel

Gravel is another material you can use to cover and protect your areas of soil. Gravel provides a durable surface for a parking lot or driveway, keeping down dust and eliminating mud in the winter and during wet weather. 

Gravel and other decorative rocks can also be a great option for providing visual interest in addition to a utilitarian purpose. For example, red or black lava rock, smooth river rocks of small, medium, or large sizes, and angular shimmery quartz can turn your bordering sections from drab to attractive.

Be sure you prepare a strong foundation for the gravel layers you install. You can choose to either lay a covering of landscape fabric beneath the gravel or install gradient layers of gravel with the largest at the base to prevent soil from coming up into the gravel.