Professional Services To Get Your Lawn In Tip-Top Condition

Professional Services To Get Your Lawn In Tip-Top Condition

29 July 2020
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Your lawn can be a big deal in terms of the appearance of your yard and property. The better kept and maintained your yard, the more attractive and tidy looking your home and property will be, especially when you keep the lawn trimmed and healthy. Here are some types of professional services you can arrange for your lawn to look great and stay healthy all year.

New Lawn Installation

If your yard is without a lawn, you can hire a professional lawn service to install one for you, either with immediate results or results in several weeks. With a sod installation, you have a new lawn the same day after the installation of the sod layers is complete. Your lawn care professional will need to smooth and prepare the soil with some topsoil and mulch, then apply the lawn onto the soil. You will need to water the lawn immediately and frequently for the next ten days to make sure the lawn's roots grow into the soil and the lawn succeeds.

You can also get a new lawn with hydro-seed or loose seed and plenty of watering. Lawn seed and hydro-seed application are both great ways for you to cover any bare spots in your existing lawn and to thicken it up for the next season.

Arrange For Pest Control

There may be times when your lawn suddenly begins to die off in areas and patches even though you have been watering it faithfully. This situation and others similarly can be the cause of a lawn pest that is feasting on your lawn roots from below.

When grub worms have taken over your lawn, for example, they will kill off entire areas of your lawn and you will need to get rid of them and replant your lawn. A professional lawn care service can handle this for you to remove the grub worms and replant your lawn.

Apply Fertilizer

Fertilization of your lawn is also essential, especially during specific times during the year and in your lawn's life. For example, in the spring your lawn will need a fertilizer that will boost its growth with high levels of phosphorus is a good option. Your lawn care professional will be able to apply this needed fertilizer in a timely manner to give your lawn the best boost in the springtime when it is actively growing and it has emerged from winter's dormancy.

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