Pre-Construction Soil Stabilization To Prepare To Break Ground On Your Next Project

Pre-Construction Soil Stabilization To Prepare To Break Ground On Your Next Project

19 August 2020
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Planning a construction project is a complicated process, and there is work that needs to be done to get things ready. Soil is often a problem when you get ready to break ground on a project because unstable soil can cause problems with machinery to start work and the structural loads of new buildings. Therefore, soil stabilization is often needed before you can break ground on a new project. The following pre-construction soil stabilization information will help you to prepare to break ground on your next project:

Establishing soil compaction

The first step in soil stabilization is to establish compaction for equipment and structures to begin work. This is done by using heavy machinery when the grading of the terrain is being done. As the terrain is graded, soil compaction tests can be done to determine the type of soil stabilization that needs to be done, which can include:

  • Chemical soil treatments 
  • Soil grouting to support loads
  • Soil cementing to improve compaction
  • Geotextile solutions for even load distribution

These soil stabilization methods may be required to establish good soil compaction to begin your project.

Soil cementing to support loads

Cementing is one of the most commonly used forms of soil stabilization for large industrial and commercial projects. This is the process of mixing the topsoils with a cement and chemical mixture. The cement soil mixture allows for the compaction of soils to provide the support for loads due to equipment and structures. Soil cementing is also one of the most cost-effective soil stabilization solutions for large projects. Cementing the soil can also be done quickly to ensure your project stays on schedule.

Soil grouting to provide stable foundations

Soil grouting is another soil stabilization method that may be needed for your project if compacted soil and bedrock are too deep. The soil grouting method can be used in isolated areas to provide deep, reliable support for structural loads of buildings and other features of your project. This is the process of drilling and mixing the soil to harden it enough to support loads that need to be supported.

Geotextile soil stabilization solutions

Geotextile solutions can be used to stabilize soils in many different situations. These materials are textile-like materials that are installed beneath the surface of soil and pavements to provide a more stable surface for things like parking construction and other needs. The geotextile solutions can be temporary solutions for heavy equipment, or they can be more permanent solutions for hardscaping, landscaping, and parking lot areas.

The right pre-construction soil stabilization will prepare you to break ground on your project without any problems now or later. If you have to start a project on land with poor soil compaction, contact a pre-construction soil stabilization service for help preparing the project.