The Winter Lawn Mowing Guide To Ensure Your Have Healthy Grass When Spring Arrives

The Winter Lawn Mowing Guide To Ensure Your Have Healthy Grass When Spring Arrives

16 November 2020
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Even though your grass is not growing fast during the winter months, it still grows slowly. This happens when there is plenty of moisture and the weather is warm enough. Therefore, there is some lawn care and occasional mowing that needs to be done during the winter months. The following winter lawn mowing guide will help you know the care your grass needs during cold weather.

Start with Fall Lawn Care

The autumn months are when you will want to start with the lawn care that needs to be done. Various chores need to be done to the turf before winter, including:

  • Dethatching the turf to remove dead growth
  • Cutting your lawn before winter weather
  • Aerating the lawn to help establish new roots
  • Applying a slow-release lawn fertilizer treatment

These are things that need to be done to your lawn in autumn to prepare for winter. Maintenance like dethatching the lawn will help prepare for new growth and a healthy lawn next spring.

Keeping the Turf Watered

Even though the weather is colder during the winter months, you want to make sure there is plenty of moisture. Therefore, during the driest weather, you will want to water your lawn this winter. The following tips will help you know when it is the best time to water your lawn during the colder months:

  • In autumn, if the weather is dry
  • During warmer days of winter
  • Before spring rains arrive to establish new growth

These are things that will help you with the winter watering needs of your lawn. You will want to water the lawn when the weather is dry, but not when it is too cold.

Mowing the Grass When Needed

During the winter months, grass often grows slowly. This is why you will want to have the grass occasionally cut during the winter weather. The times when your grass may need to be mowed this winter include:

  • Before the first frost of winter
  • When the weather is warmer
  • After spring rains, when the new growth has started

These are the times when you are going to want to have your grass cut this winter. If you have seeded any areas of your lawn, you will want to wait to cut it. This will allow the new grass time for the roots to get established.

Lawn Care to Prepare for Spring Weather

Before the spring weather comes this year, you are going to want to make sure your lawn is prepared. Some things that you may want to do to prepare your lawn for spring include:

  • Cutting the new growth that starts
  • Fertilizing the lawn to help establish roots
  • Overseeding to promote healthy new growth in spring

These are things you want to do to prepare your lawn for the spring weather. You will want to start planning on having the grass cut once the weather gets warm enough too.

This is the lawn mowing and maintenance that is needed during the winter months. Call a lawn care service and ask them about helping with your lawn mowing during the cold weather.