Lawn Care Recommendations for a Healthy and Neatly-Trimmed Lawn

Lawn Care Recommendations for a Healthy and Neatly-Trimmed Lawn

17 February 2021
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Your lawn is a big part of your yard's landscaping and is its crowning glory in some climates and areas of the country. As a homeowner, your yard's appearance has a direct impact on the value of your home and your satisfaction with the overall appearance of your property. Whether you do your lawn care yourself or hire a professional, here are some recommendations for your yard care this season to keep your lawn healthy and attractive looking.

Keep a Mowing Schedule

Mowing your lawn during the growing season is an ongoing process and one that you need to keep up on no matter your schedule. So if you fall behind on your lawn's trimming, it will leave your lawn shaggy and overgrown and make it more difficult to mow it back into shape. Consider hiring a professional lawn service to handle a regular weekly mowing schedule.

Because it is damaging to remove more than one-third of your lawn's blade length, mowing each week will prevent over-trimming your lawn. When you cut off too much length from your lawn, you remove its nutrient and energy storage and put it into a state of stress. Your lawn professional can periodically leave the bag off the mower and let the lawn trimmings fall back into the soil to restore essential nutrients to your lawn. For more insight, contact lawn mowing services.

Protect the Root System

The root system of your lawn is a pretty important element to your lawn's health. If your lawn's roots are shallow and poorly grown, it will leave your lawn susceptible to heat stress, disease, and thin growth with weed intrusion. Keep your lawn roots protected by trimming your lawn at a longer length to shade the roots and soil and also give your lawn an attractive appearance as a result. Your lawn will actually be softer to the touch and will grow more thickly, crowding out weeds. 

Also, ask your lawn care professional about completing an annual soil aeration to your lawn. This will remove plugs of soil to help more oxygen, moisture, and fertilizer get down to the roots of your lawn. Apply fertilizer to boost lawn health after your lawn care professional has completed the aeration, which is best done when your lawn is at its peak growth. This timing depends on the area and climate you live in and whether your lawn is a cool season lawn or a hot season grass. Talk to your lawn care professional about the appropriate timing for this.