Five Things That Impact Tree Removal

Five Things That Impact Tree Removal

6 April 2021
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The removal of a tree in the yard requires some forethought and planning. The following are the five main things that will impact the ease and methodology used to remove any tree on your property.

1. Size

One of the first considerations is size. A small tree may be simple enough to bring down yourself with minimal risk, while a medium tree will require chainsaws and some skill. Large trees often require heavy equipment as well as trained professionals that can climb up in the tree and bring it down safely.

2. Location

The location of the tree can also impact the ease and methods used for tree removal. If the tree is growing close to the home or another structure, then steps must be taken to make sure neither the trunk nor any of the branches lands on the house. Trees near roads and sidewalks may also require extra care or road closures in order to be removed without endangering lives or property.

3. Health

Generally, healthy trees can be easier to remove compared to diseased trees, but there are exceptions. A healthy tree in full leaf, for example, has more mass and more difficult to access branches compared to a dead tree. On the other hand, if removed during dormancy the healthy tree is less likely to have damage inside the wood that could lead to unforeseen breaks and dropping branches during the removal process.

4. Hazards

Nearby hazards must also be taken into account. Power lines and other overhead utility lines are typically the greatest concern. If your tree is growing into or anywhere near power lines, then it is best to leave all removal to the professionals. Underground lines, like gas and water lines, can also be an issue if they pass right beneath the trunk, as they can impact the removal of the trunk or become disturbed if the tree falls and uproots during the removal process.

5. Goal

Another thing to consider is your final goal with removal. Do you want the tree gone completely? If so, then you will need to arrange for either stump grinding or having the stump pulled. Do you want to keep some of the trunk to carve or otherwise turn into a piece of yard art? Then make sure the removal service knows this before they start removal.

Contact a tree removal service if you need more information about your tree removal needs.