5 Water Features To Add To Your Business Landscape

5 Water Features To Add To Your Business Landscape

30 June 2021
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Do you want to add a water feature to your business's landscape? Water features can form an exquisite focal point for any commercial landscape — from a relaxing place for employees to take lunch to a welcoming front entrance. But what type of water feature should you install? Here are a few great choices and what they bring to the table. 

1. Fountain

A garden fountain is a classic, timeless water feature. Fountains can be as large or as small as your landscape has space for. They provide a highly striking visual focal point as well. A fountain usually has among the smallest footprints of all water features, so you can use them even in compact spaces. The bubbling water also helps drown out other noises. 

2. Pond

Ponds don't have a strong visual impression because they blend into the landscape, but they are perennial favorites among employees and customers. Place your pond where people regularly walk so they can get the most from this naturally relaxing element. Be sure to use a quiet and controlled area safe from outside pedestrians and traffic to avoid liability and vandalism. 

3. Scuppers and Sconces

Scuppers are often associated with pools rather than yards, but they're a modern take on both waterfalls and fountains. A sconce, sluice, or scupper allows overflowing water to cascade from an upper portion of a wall to a lower portion. Like a waterfall or fountain, a scupper provides visual interest and noise cancellation. The design of a scupper is often best used in an area, such as a walkway, with greater length than width. 

4. Rain Curtain

Want a water feature that will surprise and delight guests? One that sets your outdoor area apart from competitors? Try a rain curtain or water wall. Rain curtains, as the name suggests, drop a curtainlike effect of falling water over a simple frame. It can be used as a backdrop but will make a real splash if placed in a way that people can engage with it on hot summer days. 

5. Laminar Jets

If you have more space to work with and want a modern look, try a laminar jet. Originally used in pools, these jets shoot water from one pool to another. They're perfect to fill up larger spaces or provide interest in a landscape usually seen from a distance. Add specialized lighting to make an impact after the sun goes down. 

Want more ideas for transforming your commercial landscape with a water feature? No matter what your decorative goal, you're sure to find one that will complete the look you're going for. Start by meeting with a quality landscape designer in your area today.