Why You Need Sod Installation for Your Home Lawn

Why You Need Sod Installation for Your Home Lawn

27 July 2021
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Have you ever wanted a thick, lush yard of uninterrupted grass in your front yard? If you have a neighbor who sports magical greenery and you think getting a beautiful green lawn is an elusive task, you should invest in sod installation as soon as you can afford it. If growing a fresh yard disappoints you, sod grass presents an instant solution that increases your curb appeal. 

Ideally, sod installation is a straightforward undertaking, especially if you engage a professional landscaping or sod company. Instead of wasting time nursing seeds to give you an enviable lawn, sod installers provide ready-made, high-quality patches of sod that instantly transforms your home's appearance. It only takes a few mere hours to deliver an attractive, green lawn that covers your yard as desired. 

Here are reasons why you need sod installation for your home.

Sod Provides An Instant Lawn

Imagine getting your dream lawn installed in your front yard in just a few hours. It might sound unreal, but sod installation guarantees you an instant lawn when you engage a professional sod company. Even though you'll need to let it sit at least two weeks before you start using the new lawn, you can have your front yard looking plush in one day. 

Ideally, the process gives you a clinical head start that you can't enjoy when you choose to grow lawn grass from seeds. Since you don't want the unsightly and barren look on your property, contacting a sod installer offers a rich green look within your property in record time.

It's A Versatile Option

If you want to own a lush yard in winter or summer, you only need to call the sod installation company. An experienced installation service will inspect the site, the weather, and the soil to determine whether the circumstances are suitable for sodding. Unlike seeds that can only be planted in specific seasons or months, sod grass works well in your yard as long as the ground isn't frozen. What's more, professional installers factor in your preferences and region to help you find the perfect grass type for your property.

Easy To Care For

If you sow grass seeds, you'll need to water the lawn a few times every day to boost germination. Simply put, your seeds don't guarantee full germination, and you might have to do it many times before you grow a fully meshed yard. With sod installation, you can cover the bare yard the same day you order the sod grass. Additionally, you can prevent soil erosion, pooling, and runoff erosion in your patchy yard. Working with professional sod installers provides you with a dense lawn that doesn't need reseeding, and makes your yard stand out in the neighborhood.