5 Benefits Of Brush Mulching Your Empty Lot

5 Benefits Of Brush Mulching Your Empty Lot

18 October 2021
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For those with empty lots, keeping the weeds and brush under control is a good idea. Fortunately, there is a method, called brush mulching, that is effective and budget-friendly. 

1. Increases Value

If you are planning to sell the property, then having the lot already cleared can help increase the value to potential buyers. Further, a mulched lot is more attractive than one that is overgrown with brush and weeds or covered in brush piles from being bulldozed. Keeping the lot clear of weeds, dead trees, and shrubs, and garbage also helps increase the value of the entire neighborhood. 

2. Reduce Fire Risk

It only takes one spark or flicked cigarette butt to start a fire on an empty lot that is covered in dead brush. In some municipalities, the property owner may even be held liable for the cost and any nearby damages if they have allowed their lot to become overgrown. There is also the safety aspect, particularly for hard-to-reach lots or those in dense urban areas.

3. Controls Pests

Pests, from rats and other rodents to insects and invasive plants, can thrive in an overgrown lot that is covered in brush and dead plant material. These pests can pose a nuisance to nearby properties and lower your own property value if the problem is severe enough. Mulching down the brush removes the habitat that these pests need to thrive, thus solving the problem.

4. Cost-Effective

When it comes to clearing and maintaining an empty lot, brush mulching is one of the more cost-effective ways to do so. The process is relatively quick since it's done with equipment. There is no need for special permits, as there is with burning brush. You also won't have any disposal fees, since the brush is turned into mulch and left on site. Further, it doesn't need to be done very often since the thick layer of mulch will prevent rapid regrowth of the plants.

5. Environmentally Friendly

A completely cleared lot is more likely to suffer issues with erosion since the topsoil is disturbed and not under cover. The mulch layers left behind by brush mulching preserves the topsoil from erosion and also helps feed the soil. The result is healthier soil for when the property is eventually developed or planted. Mulching also results in less landfill waste, which is also good for the environment.

Contact a brush mulching service if you need more information.