5 Ways Automatic Lawn Irrigation Saves Water

5 Ways Automatic Lawn Irrigation Saves Water

19 January 2022
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In areas where water shortages or drought is a concern, a lawn irrigation systems can provide the ideal way to keep your patch of lawn green without over using water. When installed and used properly, an irrigation system is a much better way to control water use compared to hand watering with a hose. 

1. Targeted Delivery

Your sprinkler system can be designed so that water is only delivered to where it is needed most. This is done by using the right emitters for the job. Drip emitters can be used in border beds or near shrubs to supply water directly to the soil around the plant roots. Low profile spray emitters have a spray pattern that is just above the top of the grass, so more water falls on the grass than that which is carried off by the wind -- a common issue with rotary sprinklers and lawn sprayers that attach to hoses.

2. Optimal Timing

Timing can be an important element for reducing water loss. Generally, you want to water before the sun is beating down, so early in the morning in the pre-dawn hours is ideal. There is plenty of time for the irrigation moisture to soak deeply into the soil if you water before sunrise. Unfortunately, few people want to get up this early to water by hand. An irrigation system can be run on a timer, so it runs at the optimal hours while you can sleep in a bit.

3. Lower Evaporative Loss

Evaporation is the main source of irrigation water loss for the typically lawn in a warm, dry climate. This type of water loss is greatly reduced when the lawn is water before the sun comes up and when water is delivered almost directly to the soil instead of simply falling on and resting on the plant leaves. Lower evaporative loss means you need to provide less water overall. 

4. Reduced Drought Stress

Drought stress can lead to weak growth and reduced resilience in plants. Pests and diseases are more likely to infect grasses and plants that are suffering from a lack of water. Installing an irrigation systems allows you to make the most of limited water supplies  in order to prevent drought stress, thus resulting in healthier plants.

5. Accurate Water Delivery

With the addition of soil moisture sensors on the irrigation system you can ensure your lawn only gets the water it needs when it needs it. These sensors measure soil moisture and only trigger the system to water when the moisture level is low. This way you never have to worry about overwatering or adjusting the settings in the event of rain.

Contact a lawn irrigation system service such as Pacific  Sunscapes to learn more about designing an irrigation system that serves your landscaping's needs.