5 Signs You Need to Repair Water Damage In Your Home

5 Signs You Need to Repair Water Damage In Your Home

16 February 2022
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Water damage doesn't always appear in the form of highly visible pools of water. It can sneak into a home, and you might only recognize it if you know which symptoms to look for. If you're worried you might need to start home water damage restoration work, look for these 5 possible indicators of trouble.

Cracks, Bubbles, and Flakes

Ideally, the paint or sealant on interior walls, foundations, and basement floors should be in good condition. However, these materials can trap water under the wrong circumstances. Moisture might be coming into a foundation wall through an exterior crack, or there could be trapped water leftover from a water pipe leak.

If the water doesn't escape this layer quickly, it may encourage the paint or sealant to fail. Frequently, this causes cracks, bubbles, and flakes to form. If you're seeing bits of paint fall off the wall, for example, that may signal moisture is trapped and trying to escape.

Rising Water Bills

Sometimes, the only sign of trouble might be the water you're losing. If a pipe inside a wall is leaking, for example, you may not notice the issue right away. That is especially true if the ventilation and air conditioning in your home can keep up with the added moisture. However, you may see your water bill going up for no reason.


Whether it is visible or you can smell it, mold is always a good reason to begin a home water damage repair job. You might see mold form on the surfaces of walls, ceilings, floors, or furnishings. Also, you may see staining as the mold changes the color of wood or paint.

Similarly, you may smell the mold. Never assume a musty smell is just a basement being old. If the smell is noticeable, it's almost certainly not good for the occupants of a house.

The Sound of Water

Leaks may lead to water hitting surfaces and causing sounds. If your house has leaking pipes, you might only hear the sound when you run the sink or flush the toilet. Leaks in the walls, from the roof, or in the basement might only be noticeable when there are rainstorms.

Pooled Water

Visible water is always bad. However, you might only see the aftermath of pooled water. For example, you may see a stain on the basement floor from where the water was. Especially if you see several rings of stains, there may be multiple events tied to recurring problems.