5 Landscaping Trends You Should Try

5 Landscaping Trends You Should Try

10 March 2022
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Like most homeowners, you probably view your garden as an extension of your home. Just as you would update the interior of your home with new furniture, paint, or flooring, you should also consider updating your garden landscape. Upgrading your garden can add beauty and value to your home, and it can also be a fun and rewarding project. There are many different ways to upgrade your garden landscape, and the best approach will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Here are  some landscaping trends you should try:

1. Install Bird Feeder and Bath

Bird feeders and baths are a great way to bring birds into your garden. Birds can increase the value of your home. That's because many people place a high value on having wildlife in their garden, and they will pay more for homes with bird feeders and baths. Install a bird bath near your house, deck, or patio if you want to attract birds. You can also install a hanging bird feeder from a tree branch or an eaves trough. 

2. Use Native Plants  

Native plants are beautiful, durable, and easy to care for. They are a great choice for all types of landscapes, including formal gardens and natural areas. Native plants have evolved to adjust to your region's climate and soil conditions. They are easy to care for because they are adapted to the specific insects, diseases, and weather patterns that are common in your area. 

3. Deploy Trickle Irrigation   

Trickle irrigation is a great way to conserve water while improving the health of your plants. The landscaping contractors will install an emitter line in your yard, which you can use to deliver water directly to your plants' roots. This helps prevent evaporation, which reduces water waste and increases the efficiency of your irrigation system. 

4. Switch to Organic Compost   

Using organic compost improves the health of your soil. Organic compost is made from natural materials, such as grass clippings and leaves. It contains healthy bacteria that help break down organic matter into nutrient-rich soil. Organic compost also improves your soil structure, which makes it easier for air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the ground. 

5. Install a Wooden Garden Bench   

Wooden garden benches can add an attractive focal point to your garden. They can create a relaxing sitting area or a romantic nook for two. You can also use benches to divide your garden into separate sections. 

If you like the idea of upgrading your property's look, call your local landscaping contractors from a place like Owen's Mowing today for more information about these landscaping trends