2 Ways A Professional Service Can Slow Down Soil Erosion On Your New Commercial Property

2 Ways A Professional Service Can Slow Down Soil Erosion On Your New Commercial Property

18 April 2022
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If you recently had a new business built on a sloping or hilly area, you may be concerned about soil erosion, especially if there is no grass or only new growth on the property. Not only would erosion of the soil create an unattractive mess, but it could also affect the stability of the building's foundation.

Because of your concerns, you may be planning to hire a company to help with minimizing soil erosion and are wondering how they may be able to do so. Below are just a couple of the ways that a professional service can slow down the erosion of soil on your new commercial property. 

Strategically Place Hardscaping Elements to Help Slow down and/or Stop Water Flow

One way that the service can help to slow down the erosion of soil on the property is by utilizing hardscaping elements. These elements may include stone walkways, retaining walls, and even a pond with a fountain.

When these hardscaping elements are installed in the ground, the soil is compacted around them, and the elements themselves create a barrier past which the water either cannot flow or is diverted from its path. And, as an added bonus, they not only help control erosion, they also greatly increase the attractiveness of the landscape around your business's building.

Effectively Use Drainage Systems to Direct Water Away from the Problem Areas

Another method that the service can use along with a strategically placed hardscaping design is a drainage system that directs water away from problem areas. This system will collect water that runs off the slopes or hills around the property and divert it through inground drainage pipes that lead away from the building.

To increase the effectiveness of this system, they may also place flagstones or rocks at the ends of the pipes. Not only does this help to camouflage the pipes, it also helps to slow down the flow of water even further. They can also plant water-hungry plants, shrubs, or trees in the area to absorb the excess water, which can help add to your property's visual appeal.

Along with installing and maximizing hardscaping elements and drainage systems, they can also design a landscaping plan that includes plants, trees, and grasses that will keep the soil together and lessen the potential for erosion. If you are interested in learning more about the methods used, contact a company in your business's area that offers commercial soil erosion control services to speak with a representative.