Ready For Summer? How To Get Your Lawn Prepared For The Heat

Ready For Summer? How To Get Your Lawn Prepared For The Heat

25 May 2022
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Summer is on the way. Now's the time to take a close look at your lawn. Depending on where you live, your lawn might have gotten a generous amount of spring rain. However, that moisture isn't going to see it through the summer. That's why you need to take action right now. The steps you take now will help prepare your lawn for the long, hot summer ahead. 

Start With the Roots

When it comes to lawn care, you might think that you need to take the top-to-bottom approach, but that's not the case. For proper lawn health, you actually want to start with the roots. Opening up the soil brings oxygen, moisture, and nutrients directly to the roots. This is especially important during a drought. That's because the soil can harden during the fall and winter. To stimulate the roots, you need to aerate the soil. You can do that with an aeration tool. In fact, you can find aeration shoes that allow you to aerate your lawn while you walk. 

Adjust the Sprinklers

If your sprinklers haven't been used since last summer, now's the time for an adjustment. You might think that your sprinklers will hit all the right spots as soon as they're activated again, but that's not the case. Unfortunately, if you don't adjust the sprinklers, you might end up with some dead spots. Or, you could end up with areas that are over-watered, which can be a serious problem during a drought. Proper sprinkler adjustment will help you make the most of your watering sessions, which may be shortened due to drought restrictions. 

Treat the Dead Spots

If you're starting the summer with some dead spots in the grass, now's the time for some reseeding. Without proper care, the dead spots could spread, which will undermine your lawn's health. Before you reseed, you want to expose the soil by scraping away the dead growth. Place fresh seed in the bare areas, and cover with fertilizer or mulch. Water as usual. The new seed will sprout, and preserve the appearance of your lawn. 

Balance the Nutrients

If you haven't fertilized your lawn since last year, you need to start the summer with a fresh application. Balancing the nutrients helps to protect your lawn from extreme temperatures. However, the right nutrients can also protect your lawn from drought stress. If you live in an area that's been devastated by drought, proper nutrient levels are essential for your lawn.  

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