Sprinkler System Problems To Watch For

Sprinkler System Problems To Watch For

29 June 2022
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Your sprinkler system is a critical part of maintaining the investment you've made in your landscaping. Unfortunately, many homeowners lack the ability to recognize when there's a problem with their sprinkler system. This leads to issues being overlooked and compounding the issue until the sprinkler system fails completely. Here's a look at some of the most common indications that there's a problem with your sprinkler system.

Uneven Watering

If your sprinkler system is consistently watering one part of your yard but isn't watering another part as well, that's typically an indication that you have either a leak or a problem with water flow or pressure. Don't ignore this even if it seems like it's not a big deal because it can be a significant problem over time.

Sprinkler Head Problems

Sometimes, a sprinkler head gets clogged by soil and other debris or can get broken by a lawn mower or errant child. If you have a problem with a sprinkler that's recently suffered damage or become clogged, you'll need to call a sprinkler repair technician for help. They can either clear out the clogged jets or replace the damaged head for you.

Low Pressure

If you turn on your sprinkler system only to find that your typical water pressure is significantly reduced, that's usually an indication that the pressure tank, bladder, or plumbing system might be damaged. You'll have to make sure that you get the entire system inspected and tested to find the source of the water supply and flow problem. A sprinkler repair technician will help you address the problem, regardless of what the source is.

Leaking Water

When you find wet spots in your yard, especially if those spots are near or over where your irrigation system is installed, that's often an indication that your sprinklers are leaking. Whether it's a damaged connection or pipe, you'll need a sprinkler repair technician to locate the source of the problem. He or she can find the damage and repair it to restore your property to its proper condition.

These are a few of the most common signs that there's a problem with your sprinkler system. If you spot any of these issues, it's important to contact a sprinkler repair technician as soon as possible. The sooner you address these issues, the better it will be for your sprinkler system, your lawn, and your water bill. Reach out to a local sprinkler repair service to learn more.