A Business Owner's Guide To Commercial Hardscape Landscape Planning And Installation

A Business Owner's Guide To Commercial Hardscape Landscape Planning And Installation

8 August 2022
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One of the best ways for your company to reduce water consumption is to remove the exterior grass and shrubs and replace them with a new hardscape. 

Thanks to a wide variety of different hardscaping materials available today, your commercial landscaping will look amazing for many years to come with very little maintenance.

In addition, the removal of water-hogging grass and hedges shows customers your business is dedicated to environmental responsibility and sustainability. 

If you are on the fence about hardscaping, then below are the answers to common questions about this water-saving commercial landscaping option:

What Is Hardscape?

The landscaping term "hardscape" simply refers to all of the building materials used outdoors that are not living.

Some common examples of hardscaping include:

  • concrete 
  • pavers
  • landscaping rocks and gravel
  • benches
  • fences

In addition, most commercial hardscaping installations include special accent elements such as sculptures, wrought iron fences, or designer lighting.

In contrast, all of the plants and other living landscaping materials are referred to as "softscape".

Hardscaping Benefits

In addition to saving money on your company's water utility bill, hardscaping has many benefits, such as:

  • very low maintenance costs
  • expanded usable outdoor space
  • elimination of grade or slope problems

In addition, commercial hardscaping has dedicated paths and barriers directing where people can drive, park, and walk. This ensures customers use predetermined traffic patterns and avoid areas you would prefer they don't visit.

Isn't Hardscaping Uninteresting and Harsh Looking?

Hardscaped commercial landscaping mostly consists of concrete patios, concrete or stone paths, and lots and lots of gravel. These early hardscapes often had harsh looks and nothing interesting to look at. 

However, today's hardscapes are made with a variety of different materials and utilize accents to make focal areas "pop" and give the landscaping a softer, more interesting look.

Some of the accents used in commercial hardscaping to bring visual interest are:

  • sculptures
  • benches or other seating
  • fountains or ponds
  • lifesize chess games
  • potted dwarf fruit trees

In addition, some hardscapes utilize a few raised beds planted with hardy flowering plants or succulents to help soften the look and add variety to the area.

Who Installs Commercial Hardscaping?

If you believe hardscaping is the answer to your company's landscaping needs, then you should contact a licensed commercial hardscaping installation contractor in your local area. They will sit down with you and create a custom hardscape design specifically to meet your company's needs and desires.