Are You Using Odd And Even Number Groupings In Garden Design?

Are You Using Odd And Even Number Groupings In Garden Design?

18 October 2022
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Do you use the odd and even number rule when planting in your landscape? If you aren't using this simple garden design trick to your advantage, here's what you should know and why it works so well. 

When Should You Plant Odd Numbers?  

Nature doesn't usually produce even, orderly, and symmetrical landscapes. Its designs are pleasing but random. If you want to emulate this, plant in groups of odd numbers — such as three, five, or seven objects. This will result in a grouping that looks more casual and rustic rather than man-made and organized. Vary these numbers for the best effect. 

That odd-numbered grouping may even stand out more for viewers than its even-numbered counterpart. Why? The brain naturally recognizes the odd number and focuses on it more. Viewers aren't aware of this tendency, of course, but the results are the same — it may pop brightly or seem more full. Use this trick to make the most of plants and flowers that you really love. 

When Should You Plant Even Numbers?

So should you ever use even numbers of plants? Yes, and in particular when you want to craft a more formal or elegant design. Formality and careful planning often make use of symmetry and harmony, so even numbers like two, four, or six make this good impression. Your brain may actually relax and feel more tranquil. It's orderly and reassuring. 

The same forces that make the human brain notice something more when it's in an odd number also mean that even numbers aren't as likely to stick out. So if you want to de-stress an area or create a background palette for some other focal point, even-numbered groups could be just the ticket. 

At What Point Doesn't It Matter?

Don't fear that you'll spend the rest of your life obsessively counting your plants before doing anything in the garden. Once you reach close to ten or more plants, this guideline tends not to matter anymore. Why? Simply put, our brains can't really do the math at that point. So you can have fun and vary things as you wish. 

Where Can You Learn More?

Simple tricks like the use of even and odd numbers can make landscape design easy and successful. Want more tips and help to apply them? Start by meeting with a garden design service in your area today. No matter what your backyard goals or challenges are, they'll help you find the perfect solutions.