Need A Fence? 5 Reasons To Consider A Hedge Instead

Need A Fence? 5 Reasons To Consider A Hedge Instead

11 January 2023
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When it comes to fencing in a yard or piece of land, most owners reach for traditional fence materials — chain link, wood slats, or posts. But should you instead plant a hedge fence? The answer may be yes, and here are a few of the best reasons to try it. 

1. It Helps Local Wildlife

Shrubs and bushes provide a benefit that cannot be matched by artificial fencing materials. Native plantings provide food, water, and homes for everything from vital local pollinators to small wildlife that feast on pests you don't want in your yard. And you can tailor your hedge choices to your wildlife goals. 

2. It's Better for the Environment

Natural fences are part of the landscape in many positive ways. They slow down and block wind that can damage other plants and ruin your enjoyment. They help clean the air in your local microclimate. Their roots and bulk help reduce erosion. And those same roots add to the natural filtration of water in your water table. 

3. It Provides Growing Privacy

Another advantage to using plants as protection? They continue to grow. While it may take some time for it to grow in enough to provide privacy, it will keep on getting better and better. Make it as tall or as widespread as you want — and without buying new materials and installing new fences. 

4. It Can Have Any Style

When many people think about living fences, they envision neatly-trimmed box hedges that look both elegant and sturdy. But in fact, you can plant bushes as a fence in just about any style you want. Trim evergreens in clean geometric lines, carve them into shapes, or leave them naturally casual. And a multilayered planting of large and small shrubs provides a wild and organic barrier few would even see as a fence. 

5. They Insulate for Sound

Want more auditory privacy in your backyard? Need to block out a noisy street or loud neighbors? The thickness of hedge and bush fences helps block sounds as much as sight. As part of an overall noise reduction landscape plan, your bulky shrubs will lower noise pollution. 

Where to Start

How can a living fence help your yard look better, be more comfortable, and be healthier all around? Start learning by meeting with a landscape design service today. No matter what your goals and challenges are, they'll help you find the right natural materials to meet them. For more information, contact a company like C & J Landscaping.