5 Reasons To Choose Professional Sprinkler Installation

5 Reasons To Choose Professional Sprinkler Installation

13 March 2023
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An automatic sprinkler system is one way to simplify lawn care while keeping a greener lawn. Sprinklers are one place where you shouldn't try to do it yourself, though, as the following illustrates. 

1. Avoid Red Tape

Depending on where you live, there may be rules and regulations that impact sprinkler installation. Some municipalities require permits, for example, which your sprinkler service will secure before work begins. Utility companies will also need to be notified so they can mark the location of underground gas or water lines. There may also be more local ordinances that must be followed, such as when an HOA requires that the work is done professionally.

2. Peace of Mind

A professionally installed system will come with a warranty for both parts and labor, so if anything goes wrong you are protected. Although DIY sprinkler system kits and components may come with warranties on the parts, there is no coverage if you make an error during installation and cause damage. With a professional installation, you have the peace of mind that any issues that come up will be under warranty whether it's the parts or a problem with the installation itself.

3. Skilled Assessment

There is no one size fits all guide for sprinkler system installation. Every yard is unique in terms of microclimates, soil type, and plant life. Your installer will perform a full assessment of your yard so they can divide it into zones based on the specific water needs of each area. This way the sprinkler system can be fully customized to the specific needs of your lawn and landscaping. 

4. Professional Layout

Getting the layout correct is a must, as it's extremely difficult and expensive to make adjustments later. A common DIY mistake is a failure to optimize line layout and emitter spacing, which leads to an inefficient system. A sprinkler professional has the knowledge and experience to map the layout to get maximum coverage with just the right amount of emitters — which also saves on materials costs.

5. Minimal Damages

It's dangerously easy to cause major landscaping damage during a sprinkler installation. Trenching for the lines, especially in a straight line if you're using a hand trencher, can destroy the sod and tear up too much lawn if you don't have experience with the processing. Professionals will carefully cut sod and replace it after trenching, so no damage is visible. They will also be able to avoid damage when installing lines and emitters in garden beds and around shrub plantings.

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