Top Reasons Why You Should Hire An Expert To Trim Your Trees

18 July 2022
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Healthy trees require proper maintenance and care. You create a lasting impression on your guests and friends when you have a fantastic landscape, and tree trimming is an essential exercise in ensuring you achieve this. Here are the top reasons you should hire an arborist to trim your trees.  Proper Trimming Tree trimming can be a complicated task if you don't have the skills and expertise. Besides that, you might wound your tree by trimming it excessively. Read More …

Sprinkler System Problems To Watch For

29 June 2022
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Your sprinkler system is a critical part of maintaining the investment you've made in your landscaping. Unfortunately, many homeowners lack the ability to recognize when there's a problem with their sprinkler system. This leads to issues being overlooked and compounding the issue until the sprinkler system fails completely. Here's a look at some of the most common indications that there's a problem with your sprinkler system. Uneven Watering If your sprinkler system is consistently watering one part of your yard but isn't watering another part as well, that's typically an indication that you have either a leak or a problem with water flow or pressure. Read More …

A Pond Can Make A Great Addition To Your Yard

14 June 2022
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If you are the type of person who appreciates nature and likes to walk around ponds, then why not install a pond in your own landscape? You can design your own beautiful pond. If you'd like to think more about whether a pond would make a great addition to your yard, then consider the following benefits you'd get from your own pond:  You can turn it into a living landscape Read More …

Ready For Summer? How To Get Your Lawn Prepared For The Heat

25 May 2022
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Summer is on the way. Now's the time to take a close look at your lawn. Depending on where you live, your lawn might have gotten a generous amount of spring rain. However, that moisture isn't going to see it through the summer. That's why you need to take action right now. The steps you take now will help prepare your lawn for the long, hot summer ahead.  Start With the Roots Read More …

Designing A Backyard Entertainment Area? Why Add An Insert To Your Outdoor Fireplace

18 April 2022
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If you're in the process of designing your outdoor entertainment area and you've decided to invest in a fireplace, don't forget the insert. You might think that inserts are only for interior fireplaces, but that's not the case. Inserts are a great way to upgrade any fireplace, including your backyard fireplaces. If you're not sure you need an insert, read the list provided below. Here are just four of the reasons you should include an insert with your new backyard fireplace. Read More …