Creating A Gorgeous Landscape

Why It’s A Good Idea To Work With A Landscape Contracting Service As A Business Owner

9 November 2022
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If you own your small office building, you're responsible for maintaining the building and grounds. You might do a lot of the work yourself if you're handy, but when it comes to landscaping, you may want to use a landscape contracting service. The appearance of your grounds is important because it gives your customers a first impression of how you manage your business, and you want them to have a favorable impression of you. Read More …

Are You Using Odd And Even Number Groupings In Garden Design?

18 October 2022
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Do you use the odd and even number rule when planting in your landscape? If you aren't using this simple garden design trick to your advantage, here's what you should know and why it works so well.  When Should You Plant Odd Numbers?   Nature doesn't usually produce even, orderly, and symmetrical landscapes. Its designs are pleasing but random. If you want to emulate this, plant in groups of odd numbers — such as three, five, or seven objects. Read More …

Got Drought? Here’s How To Keep Your Lawn Alive

29 September 2022
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If you live in one of the parts of the country that are currently being affected by drought, you may be understandably worried about whether your lawn will survive. After all, lawns typically depend on plenty of water to keep them lush, soft, and green. Although they turn brown when dormant, they quickly spring back to life when conditions are right — but there's a limit to how long an average lawn can survive during dormancy. Read More …

Masonry 101 | How To Deal With A Spalling Chimney

14 September 2022
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If you're like most homeowners, you probably do not give much thought to your chimney until you start having problems with it. By then, however, it is often too late. A spalling chimney can be a serious safety hazard. Here's what you need to know. What is a spalling chimney? A spalling chimney is a chimney with masonry that is beginning to break down. The bricks or mortar start to flake off, and the structure itself starts to weaken. Read More …

Reasons Why You Should Opt For Stump Removal Over Stump Grinding After Cutting Down A Tree

23 August 2022
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Once you cut down a tree in your backyard, the trunk is cut into small logs or hauled away, but the stump and roots remain in the ground. Leaving the stump in the ground not only creates an eyesore in your yard but also poses a safety hazard. Therefore, you should either remove the stump or grind it. Stump grinding only removes the top part of the remaining tree, while stump removal gets rid of the roots as well. Read More …