Creating A Gorgeous Landscape

Four Lawn Care Tips For Fall

16 August 2018
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When fall comes, many homeowners are happy to have a break from mowing the lawn each and every week. But while the cool weather will cause your grass to grow at a slower rate, it does not mean you can do away with lawn care completely. Taking good care of your lawn in September and October will help ensure your lawn comes back healthy and green the next spring. Where do you start? Read More …

Landscaping Ideas For A Backyard Slope

15 August 2018
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A major hill or slope in your backyard may make your outdoor space seem limited, but you can actually take advantage of the slope to create a more interesting space. The following are a few ideas for integrating the slope into your garden design. Add terracing Terracing is a common design enhancing strategy for using a slope. The terraces can be wide with a gradual elevation for shallow slope, or they can be narrow for steeper slopes. Read More …