Five Things That Impact Tree Removal

6 April 2021
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The removal of a tree in the yard requires some forethought and planning. The following are the five main things that will impact the ease and methodology used to remove any tree on your property. 1. Size One of the first considerations is size. A small tree may be simple enough to bring down yourself with minimal risk, while a medium tree will require chainsaws and some skill. Large trees often require heavy equipment as well as trained professionals that can climb up in the tree and bring it down safely. Read More …

Troubleshooting Sprinkler Controllers

23 March 2021
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Your sprinkler and irrigation system is more than just the spray emitters that deliver the water. The sprinkler controller is another important system that may require periodic repairs. What is a sprinkler controller? The sprinkler controller is the brains of your system. Without it, the series of emitters and sprinkler lines won't work. For most homes, the controller is installed on a wall in a garage or shed, although it may also be located inside the home, such as in a utility or mudroom. Read More …

Lawn Care Recommendations for a Healthy and Neatly-Trimmed Lawn

17 February 2021
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Your lawn is a big part of your yard's landscaping and is its crowning glory in some climates and areas of the country. As a homeowner, your yard's appearance has a direct impact on the value of your home and your satisfaction with the overall appearance of your property. Whether you do your lawn care yourself or hire a professional, here are some recommendations for your yard care this season to keep your lawn healthy and attractive looking. Read More …